Whose winning

Whose winning? I once had a bumper sticker that said ” I know the future, God wins”. 

Why fight the battle when ultimately, God wins. 

Mankind fights battles all the time, wars where he can see the enemy or knows their ideology. We fight for freedom, we fight for others, we fight for our country and do all of these willingly. We are told there is a battle to fight right before us, we have all the tools to win and we don’t even show up.Ephesians 6:12 “We wrestle not against the flesh but against the powers, principalities of darkness” this battle rages on day after day. We must show up, we must put on the cloak that Jesus gave His life to provide. This battle rages each day, darkness demanding a foot hold and we the warriors for Christ and he is the bulwark that never fails. So let’s don the armor and enter the battle, head held high and sword at the ready.
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The can we Challenge

Can we love the unlovable? Those misfits in society, the ones who don’t belong, who sleep in doorways or on prison cots. We look to everywhere else to cast our Christian shadow, to tell of the love Christ has for all His family, but the ones right in front of us we don’t feed. Not the food of the soup kitchen but the food of the Word,” man does not live by bread alone”. Luke 4:4, and goes on to say ” but by every word of God”. It’s amazing how easy it is to turn a blind eye to those who don’t matter. Take our food and nourish those we feel safe feeding. The one in the doorway could have been put there by God just for one of us to feed and be fed by. When we put ourselves within touching distance, we place the Spirit in us that close. As Peter touched the man in the name of Christ and told him to walk, Acts3:6, Peter gave the only thing he had. We by comparison give so little and yet have so much to give. Think of the loneliness of prison, no rights, a helplessness, surrounded by the evil ones bidding. 2Timothy2:24-26, ” the servant of the Lord” me, “gentle unto ALL men”, also ” in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves ” called to help those who are at his bidding. ” that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil”.

Quite the challenge for all of us, seek out the children of The Lord, introducing repentance, letting the Spirit within do Gods work and the light of Christ shine.
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As we struggle with the pull of the world against the desire for holiness, we must look to The Lords word, whether it be His written word or the truth in our heart. There is an instinct in us to turn to God when we reach a point of helplessness. We seem to think that the opposite is true and quite often that is what we do, but in reality we were made in God’s image and turning to Him first is how we were made. Awakening to this is the beginning of a journey that leads to Christ and the life designed for you.Living by design, exactly how the Holy of Holys wants us to live. Each of us known to Him thru all eternity, each of us with a unique design for our life. One so totally perfect we couldn’t dream a more fulfilled existence.

John 14:6, John 16:13, Prov 28:5

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Forgiveness and prayer, Mark 11:25, unforgiveness gets in between me and God. So often we pray without regard to the relationships around us. Arguments with family, that co worker who isn’t carrying their load or even that rude driver who deserves our wrath. Yet we are told to ” put away wrath” Eph. 4:31,

Still we choose to stay embittered by the things of this world that we allow them to control our very circumstances. Maybe when Christ said ” become like children” Matt 18:3-4. The innocence of letting these things go thru forgiveness, humbly seeking the love of a parent “God” thru the the life of Christ. 

Then again we do think ” I’ll let go if they will” , all that does is give authority in our life to the very person we are to forgive not the one whose grace and forgiveness we seek. As I struggle with these things personally, I have found God’s increased involvement in my life, His spirit leading my to surrender daily to His will, an ever increasing level of joy entering my life and Him filling the voids I once believed unfillable. 
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You know that moment when the light turns green but your focus is else where? You know it’s time to go, let off the brake and move forward, but you hesitate, trying to connect what you see with what you know. Then we move, on our way we go, not giving it a second thought. Maybe when confronted with problems in our life, bills, failing relationships, health, we just can’t see the green light because it is not in within our focus. Faith; ” is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. Hebrews 11:1. This chapter of Hebrews deals with faith, the many examples of faith, from Sara, to Moses and the Dead Sea, faith was what allowed them to move forward even when they did not see the green light. Whatever your struggle, faith will move you forward and bring all into focus.
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Ephesians 4:20-32, an opportunity to read and understand our gift, cost and reward if will of Christ in our hearts. In verses 20 and 21 speaking to us, we know Christ, have been taught by Him, that “the truth is in Jesus” now in us.The next verses, a review of the life we were taught to live, a life that leads to eternity. “And be renewed in the spirit in your mind; and that you put on the new, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness”23-24. How amazing, created in true holiness, righteousness, those are ours, His image reflected in us, living His life thru us. Yet we tend to minimize the value of this connection. We continue to live as the old corrupted man.”grieving the Holy Spirit of God, to whom we are sealed”. Forgiveness, could this lead to the new man, realizing the forgiveness He has extended to us and our need to forgive others in the same manor ? Forgiveness out of faith, a renewing of trust, a receiving of grace.
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Look into the Heart

When I look into the heart of God,

And when He looks into me,                                Will the life I’ve led-the choices I’ve made,     Bear His scrutiny ?   

 When I come before Him,                                     And judgement begins,                                          Will the life I’ve led-the choices I’ve made,      Push me to my knees?

When I come before Him, the mighty King,      And when He looks into me,                                Will the life I’ve led-the choices I’ve made,     Place me in eternity?

When He looks into me.                                          My savior, Jesus, He will see ,                                    I chose Christ, to stand for me.                         Surely into His grace I enter.                                Into The Lord’s arms I will fall.                              An eternity of worship.                                             To the King of Kings


“Pray without ceasing”, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, if taken literally it tends to interfere with life. If all I do is pray, how much time is left for work, recreation or sleep?
Thing is, it is meant literally, pray, pray and pray some more. Pray when you wake up, on the way to work, while working, at lunch. Pray all afternoon, at dinner and in the evening. At bedtime and in your dreams.
Verse 18 goes on to say “give thanks in ALL circumstances, this is the will of God”. So ALL circumstances, the good, the everyday, your need, your want, everything. Pray for everything all the time. Verse 22, “Abstain from every kind of evil”, prayer deflects our thoughts, places God in the forefront. As simple as this seems a conversation with God all day long, starting and stopping thru out our day turns us from evil to Christ. Mark 14 :38, we are told to pray so that “we won’t enter into temptation”, hard to mess up while having a conversation with the Creator. Prayer, a posture created by Him to protect us from evil, calling on Him to take the lead in our thoughts, feelings and desires. As we begin to talk with Him constantly, seeking direction, confirmation and companionship He responds as only a loving Lord can.

Just a thought


“The Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness”, Romans 8;26. Our weakness can overwhelm us, i spent a good part of Sunday following the coverage of hurricane Irma. I have friends and family in Miami and other parts of Florida. I noticed a trend during the reporting, from the Governor of Florida to the field reporters, they were asking for prayer, not for themselves but for the people affected by the storm. Somehow, the tone, the way it was expressed had an authentic plea, a request from someone who knew our God would respond. Prayer, the idea coming from all directions, a resurgence of an ancient idea presented to us by our creator. God speaking to us; “pray for my children, your brothers and sisters, pray for them all”. So, Sunday I had a unique and wonderful opportunity to respond to His request. I focused on someone else’s need rather than my own circumstances and acquired a peace, a peace that reduced my stress over my own.