Sin Part 1

Just how do we view sin? Is it an everyday occurrence in our life so “just get used to it” becomes our motto? Is it a part of our life that we consider forgiven completely so “why worry”? Yes, we are forgiven for all our sins, past and future. Yes as a believer our eternity is secure. So why all the concern about sin? Sin leads to death! “ the wages of sin is death” Romans 6:22. Death? Wasn’t that conquered by Christ? Yes, sin was conquered by the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. So then what is this death? Is it the slow painful separation we experience when we sin, a wall we put between God and ourselves? So do we tear down the wall and cease our sinning? Good luck with that, “The heart of man is evil continuously” Gen 6:5. So we can’t control our sin! Only He who is sin free can free us. Which, He has done already. So once again, why all the interest in sin?

Just a Thought

Jesus Speaks

In John 15, we have our savior explaining the relationships between He and The Father, and He and us. The vine dresser, the vine, the pruning of the vine and the result. Jesus speaks of the joy in Him when we keep His commandments and then, in verse 11 “that My joy might remain in you, and your joy might be full”. His joy is IN us and our joy is full. This savior who takes joy in us and simply wants our joy to be full. Christ does outline the foundation of our joy, it is made so simple, we are His friends, not servants, friends! How humbling that the Creator desires us as friends. For me, a friend who gives His life to guarantee my living eternity is one I want to have.

Just a Thought

Day of Prayer?

National day of prayer, a reminder sent to me this morning. Then, in the truck, on the radio comes “ a day set aside to pray and honor God”. I’m not sure if I am the only one who is bothered by this graciously set aside time for our creator, but I feel as thou we should all be. 1 Thessalonians 17-18, “ pray without ceasing,, in everything give thanks”, so not just one set aside day, everyday is is a “day of prayer”. When are believers going to rise up? Rise up and pray, pray each day throughout the day witness thru prayer a public Love of The God we serve. So I for one, will publicly share this Almighty Creator with anyone, pray for everyone, be the follower I am called to be. Join me?

Just a thought

Lord I Need

We pray for healing, we pray for wealth, at times we pray for friends and loved ones. But do you ever just pray for God? Pray for Him to freely enter into your life, pray that He fills you with Himself. Pray for an ever increasing prescience around you of those chosen by Him. Pray for communion with the Holy Master.

We so often pray for what we want and forget to pray for what we need. When we do pray for a need, is it a need from our perspective or from His. Not what WE think we need, pray for the need He knows we have.

Pray for Him!!

Just a Thought

Pain in The Heart

Ever experience that ache, the one that tightens your throat and brings tears to your eyes?? Not the physical ache, the emotional ache. The one that is triggered by an event, a thought or maybe a song. Could we consider that maybe this is The Lord in your heart, touching us in a way only He can? His tears in our eyes, His emotions surrounding us, Him kindling a fire, or a spark in us.

We are told that His heart can be grieved, so in turn can it also be elated. We know that when the Angel of the Lord told the shepherds of Christ’s birth, the heavenly host sang. I choose to believe this is a direct reflection of God’s heart. His pleasure thru us, the spirit of the Lord in us shining.

Just a Thought


“In order to fully appreciate what we have, We need to fully understand what it’s like for those who don’t have.”

Blessings, realizing what we have can be difficult when we look at life thru a lens that says “never enough” what we have been given is “never enough”. If we truly look at those who have little, so little and yet, they keep moving forward, they are grateful for their little. We can then form an appreciation for our much.

Just a Thought


That shadow cast over our belief; placing an unseen barrier between us and His word, we listen to the scholar, we take that as the truth and move on forgetting that the only one whose word we do not need to question is God. He wrote a book with 66 love letters to us answering all of life’s questions, ( the life He created). We open “His Word” and He speaks endlessly of His love for us and the lengths He will go to show us that love. He is sharing the lives of His people with us. The ups and the downs, to show us that regardless of all of our faults, all of our wrong choices, there is nothing that changes that love for us. Knowing that we are the objects of His love must bring a sense clarity to our perception of Him. Forget the scholar, go directly to the author and ask Him.

Just a Thought


We are called to fellowship; to meet in fellowship, to be in fellowship. Webster’s defines “fellowship” as a company of equals or friends, a community of like interest. 1John 1:7, “but if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His son cleanses us from our sins”. Believers in fellowship, Christ in their midst, sins relieved. Yes relieved, sins are a burden to bear and Christ removes the burden. 1John 1:3, connects us, connects us to Christ, connects us to Him!!! Are you in fellowship? Seek like minded believers for fellowship and watch what He brings your way.

Just a Thought

Who am I

Me, who do I say I am? Where do I receive the information about who I am? Is it my self talk? During the self talk am I telling me great things about myself or am I condemning my every thought? Do I seek the input from others? Do they build me up or do they point out my every flaw? Are strangers my source? Do I listen to the opinion of someone who doesn’t even know me? Sometimes I am so caught up in this world I forget where my identity comes from.

John 3:15-16, Romans 5:8, Revelation 1:5, these few verses express who The Creator says I am and how He feels about me. When I spend time in His love letters to me, I begin to realize who I am and who I am being crafted to be.

Just a Thought


For the believer, the reward for continual sin is a life of insecurity and doubt. Never quite sure of the promises of God. Giving success to the enemy.

The outline for a rewarding life is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The simplicity of living a life centered around Christ, outlined in every line, every thought, every idea and every feeling we receive.

Just a Thought