Surrender to Live

Today, a part of me died. Not an ongoing part that was needed, but a part of who I am that isn’t needed anymore. We all have those parts of “us” that are being used to shape who we are. Problem is when the time comes to let go of “these no longer necessary “ parts we refuse, we think that when we discard a piece of the man it lessens the man. Think of the parts of yourself that today are just that, a part, but look back at the time that it was a much bigger part of you. A part of you, shaping your very character. Making it that much more difficult to let go of. But it was only there to grow you and there comes a time when “it must go away” for us to continue to grow.
So this part of me I have held onto for far too long I’ve had to discard, I actually feel grief, lose and a small empty spot. All these years of surrendering to Him and finally realizing that the very act of surrender was my crutch. Each time I needed to be “out of the way” I turned to active surrender. Rather than surrender, just a final letting go, no more putting it down and then picking it up again. letting go, one final “you’re outta here”, all the time knowing the continued temptation to retrieve this “surrender part”, best of all i now feel free, free to dispose of this weight and free to heartily embrace being pruned. I look around see each person I know and each material thing in my life and they all look different. A truly different perception. I now feel sin vs see sin, my heart breaks for those around me instead of feeling a judgement for them.
This “new” in me pushes me to seek Him at a level that I didn’t know existed. There is an ease in Him.

Just for Thought

Living in Independence

The idea of living a life truly independent, leaving behind all of the commonly accepted hindrances that hold us back. We all know this independence is available to us. We know that our continual management of our life just isn’t working. But we keep seeking that next great revelation that will bring independence and contentment. Although we are not sure exactly what this contentment would feel like, we seek it none the less. What we fail to realize is that all of this is in us, we just need to surrender all of the clutter in our lives and allow the Lords spirit in us to fill our hearts with Him.

This may sound simple or even a bit trite, but we are so deceived by the enemy that we think we are required to earn His best for us or at the very least live a life of deep struggle to be worthy.

We no longer must live covered in fig leaves hiding from one another and the Lord. He has clothed us in His righteousness. Called us righteous and showed us how to live righteously. This independence is Him living thru us. Walking in the Spirit, giving us the fruits of the spirit “Galatians 5”.

As we embrace God’s righteousness for us, we also begin to experience a life lived in independence.

Just a Thought


Proverbs 16:6, “by mercy and truth, iniquity is purged: and by fear of the Lord men depart from evil.” “Have a greater fear of our Lord than love of evil.”

When we recognize the absolute purity and power of God, we can begin to understand just what fearing Him is all about. Our God is the very center, the very reason that all that is, exists. From that emerges a creator without limit, one who can make the trees sing “1 Chronicles 16-33” , who makes a donkey speak “Numbers 22:28-30”. A God who is born into our world thru a virgin. “The gospels”. Who chose to die for His creation, having them with Him thru all eternity, His great desire.

This fleeting God, so elusive, so unreachable. Hiding just around the next bend, yet claiming His desire of a relationship with us. The truth is, we are the elusive ones, we hide from this God, afraid that our destiny is not reward but punishment. Punishment for all our years of sin, all of the years ignoring Him. That shame we carry, building, feeding the untruth about His Love. That shame, introduced by the serpent and still used to trap us today.

How do we take back what is ours? Where do we turn? What do we say? Open your heart to Christ, let Him lead.

Just a thought

The Past

So many of us look into our past and allow it to determine who we are. The ugliness, in our thoughts leaving behind an indigestible remnant that we were not designed to digest. Our responsibility to our past is to simply put it aside and become the individual we were created to be. Just think, if the apostle Paul had not put aside the old Paul, this Christian destroyer might not have had ,as great a ministry as he was afforded. Paul surrendered who he was for who God wanted him to be.

We all find ourselves on the “Damascus road”, confronted by Christ, we become the follower, the believer and then allow the guilt of our past to determine our worthiness to serve. Paul’s example of surrender, obedience and putting aside the old shows us the value in pursuing Him. When we are outside of Him we are persecuting Jesus. “ Acts 9:4”.

Just a Thought


As a Christian, a believer, we have a unique position with God. He has given us a new heart and He placed His spirit in us. These afford us direct access to Our Lord. How? We pray, we listen, we trust. The Lord will give directions and then we can move forward.

In Exodus 3 The Angel of The Lord ” appeared in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush ” then God called to him from the bush. Moses heard God.

In Isaiah ” he spoke from a vision” The Lord showed Isaiah and he spoke what he saw.

Luke 1:11, ” an angel appeared standing next to the altar ” Zacharias spoke to and heard this angel.

Joseph had a dream Matthew 1:20 ” An angel of The Lord appeared to him in a dream” he was told the child was God’s and His name was Jesus, and he believed.

Each one of these people thru faith believed, trusted and obeyed. As in 2Corinthians 12: 8, “My grace is sufficient for you” tells us We have been supplied with all that is necessary, we just need to listen and then obey.

Just a Thought

Worry ? Anxious ?

I sit here, searching, trying to put into words the images and impressions given to me by The Lord. Worry, this seems to be His focus. We spend so much time worrying, we worry about everything. What’s for lunch, what am I going to do after work? Will I be able to meet my obligations? Will my kids grow up okay or will they just grow up? We love, then we worry am I loving enough or loving too much or being loved at all. After all we are so unlovable. ” Do not worry” I think Luke 12:26 sums it up well “If you are unable to do even a littlest things, why worry about the rest”. We are unable to do anything outside the will of our Lord and yet we try. We spend endless hours doing for God what He wants to do for us. But we are told trying to accomplish what only God can accomplish, results in worry, worry creates anxiety and we were not created to be anxious. ” Do not be anxious” Phil 4:6, These two verses tie together worry and anxiety, neither of which the Lord wants in our lives. He is so aware of the damage that is done to us, that He chooses to save us and make those His tasks. So heed Him, “do not worry,” “be not anxious”. Live free in Him.

Just a thought

Christ in Me

My constant companion

Ever at my side

Whispering in my ear

A daily word of warning

Filled with feelings of fear

This liar ever present

Wanting my soul in fire

My eternity filled with misery

To his eternal delight

Each thought I have

Whether thoughts of light

or thoughts of darkness

He twists to my destruction

Ever fulfilling his cause

Knowing evil will win

Even his deception complete

The soldier clothed in purple

Comes seeking me for himself

Do battle, do battle my friend

I’m here to set you free

The voice not in my ear

Seems to tug at my heart

Speaking, deep inside

I have a new companion now

One ever-present

Speaking to my heart

Continual affirmation

Strengthening my soul, my resolve

Silencing the voice in my ear

Filling him with misery

And me with eternal delight

Just a Thought

The Idea of God

There are those who choose to believe that God, is an unnecessary invention of man. We, are just like the rest of the animals on this planet. Born, live, die, no real meaning or reason. Simply out of a random chemical action we came to be, just a little more evolved than the rest of the animals.

Man seeks to manifest his value thru his own interpretation of what value is. Dependent only upon the thoughts of man. The “who” of who we are, relies only on who we believe we are. No thought, no need, no possibility of a God. After all a God just gets in the way, the rules, the obedience and what do I get? A reality surrounded by my needs, my wants only what is beneficial to me? No with a God it’s not about me, I can no longer command a self centered world all about me. If God is real all the rules change, the world answers to something or someone greater than itself. We are no longer good as we deem ourselves. We want to believe we are good and good is merely a comparative word therefore suggesting our worth as compared to others. There is a worth to achieve, a possibility that we can be better than one another, therefore good. But with a God “good” is not a description of man, only a term fit for God. Again taking from man what man wants for himself.

So, if there is a God, the whole universe and all that exist are dependent upon Him for the next breath. But if no God we are were we think we want to be, independent.

Just a Thought

Glorify Evil?

Glorifying evil, is that what the world has come to? Consumed by a need to place our desires above everyone else’s? Above “God”? No room in our opinions for another’s view. We have leaders who curse other leaders. Hollywood stars in a make believe industry raising up their sinful activities and the sinfulness of others, telling the world that this is perfectly acceptable. Influential individuals promoting an agenda contrary to the teachings of Christ and justifying it as “ in the best interest of man”. A world over run with evil, an active battle field, filled with warriors in constant combat, dropping one after another. “Put on the full armor of God” , we fight this battle with little or no preparation and we fight in our own strength. Our warrior advances in futility, doesn’t stand a chance against the enemy at hand. So eloquently explained by Paul “ not in my strength, in the mercy and grace of Christ, in His strength I live” being prepared in this battle means living in the spirit, the battle fought in the spirit, not fought by me but the spirit in me doing battle. We believe that surrender to a supernatural God we cannot see or touch, lessens who we are. What we miss is the daily touch of the Father, the overwhelming evidence of Himself He left for us to see. “If The Lord is for us, who can be against us?” So much in that, literally for us, doing battle for us and all the while maintaining our secured win.

Just a Thought

Sin part Five

Romans 8:18, “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory to be revealed to us”. We often fail to see the distance we fall away from God and then, fail to see the magnificence of that same God. Our sin pulls us from Him yet, His Grace pulls us to Him. Seeing or attempting in our faith to grasp the Glory that lies ahead can draw us to that Glory , beginning the process of leaving behind sin. Yes, never free of the bondage in this world but choosing to set aside sin in favor of Grace and glory. Then we read in verse 29, “For whom He foreknew He also foreordained conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the First born among many brethren”. We, He knew before time began, we were chosen to share in all eternity has to offer. A gift given, nothing held back, can we give to Him the same way??

Just A Thought