Today, a part of me died. Not an ongoing part that was needed, but a part of who I am that isn’t needed anymore. We all have those parts of “us” that are being used to shape who we are. Problem is when the time comes to let go of “these no longer necessary “ parts we refuse, we think that when we discard a piece of the man it lessens the man. Think of the parts of yourself that today are just that, a part, but look back at the time that it was a much bigger part of you. A part of you, shaping your very character. Making it that much more difficult to let go of. But it was only there to grow you and there comes a time when “it must go away” for us to continue to grow.
So this part of me I have held onto for far too long I’ve had to discard, I actually feel grief, lose and a small empty spot. All these years of surrendering to Him and finally realizing that the very act of surrender was my crutch. Each time I needed to be “out of the way” I turned to active surrender. Rather than surrender, just a final letting go, no more putting it down and then picking it up again. letting go, one final “you’re outta here”, all the time knowing the continued temptation to retrieve this “surrender part”, best of all i now feel free, free to dispose of this weight and free to heartily embrace being pruned. I look around see each person I know and each material thing in my life and they all look different. A truly different perception. I now feel sin vs see sin, my heart breaks for those around me instead of feeling a judgement for them.
This “new” in me pushes me to seek Him at a level that I didn’t know existed. There is an ease in Him.

Just for Thought

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