The idea of living a life truly independent, leaving behind all of the commonly accepted hindrances that hold us back. We all know this independence is available to us. We know that our continual management of our life just isn’t working. But we keep seeking that next great revelation that will bring independence and contentment. Although we are not sure exactly what this contentment would feel like, we seek it none the less. What we fail to realize is that all of this is in us, we just need to surrender all of the clutter in our lives and allow the Lords spirit in us to fill our hearts with Him.

This may sound simple or even a bit trite, but we are so deceived by the enemy that we think we are required to earn His best for us or at the very least live a life of deep struggle to be worthy.

We no longer must live covered in fig leaves hiding from one another and the Lord. He has clothed us in His righteousness. Called us righteous and showed us how to live righteously. This independence is Him living thru us. Walking in the Spirit, giving us the fruits of the spirit “Galatians 5”.

As we embrace God’s righteousness for us, we also begin to experience a life lived in independence.

Just a Thought

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