Proverbs 16:6, “by mercy and truth, iniquity is purged: and by fear of the Lord men depart from evil.” “Have a greater fear of our Lord than love of evil.”

When we recognize the absolute purity and power of God, we can begin to understand just what fearing Him is all about. Our God is the very center, the very reason that all that is, exists. From that emerges a creator without limit, one who can make the trees sing “1 Chronicles 16-33” , who makes a donkey speak “Numbers 22:28-30”. A God who is born into our world thru a virgin. “The gospels”. Who chose to die for His creation, having them with Him thru all eternity, His great desire.

This fleeting God, so elusive, so unreachable. Hiding just around the next bend, yet claiming His desire of a relationship with us. The truth is, we are the elusive ones, we hide from this God, afraid that our destiny is not reward but punishment. Punishment for all our years of sin, all of the years ignoring Him. That shame we carry, building, feeding the untruth about His Love. That shame, introduced by the serpent and still used to trap us today.

How do we take back what is ours? Where do we turn? What do we say? Open your heart to Christ, let Him lead.

Just a thought

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