So many of us look into our past and allow it to determine who we are. The ugliness, in our thoughts leaving behind an indigestible remnant that we were not designed to digest. Our responsibility to our past is to simply put it aside and become the individual we were created to be. Just think, if the apostle Paul had not put aside the old Paul, this Christian destroyer might not have had ,as great a ministry as he was afforded. Paul surrendered who he was for who God wanted him to be.

We all find ourselves on the “Damascus road”, confronted by Christ, we become the follower, the believer and then allow the guilt of our past to determine our worthiness to serve. Paul’s example of surrender, obedience and putting aside the old shows us the value in pursuing Him. When we are outside of Him we are persecuting Jesus. “ Acts 9:4”.

Just a Thought

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