As a Christian, a believer, we have a unique position with God. He has given us a new heart and He placed His spirit in us. These afford us direct access to Our Lord. How? We pray, we listen, we trust. The Lord will give directions and then we can move forward.

In Exodus 3 The Angel of The Lord ” appeared in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush ” then God called to him from the bush. Moses heard God.

In Isaiah ” he spoke from a vision” The Lord showed Isaiah and he spoke what he saw.

Luke 1:11, ” an angel appeared standing next to the altar ” Zacharias spoke to and heard this angel.

Joseph had a dream Matthew 1:20 ” An angel of The Lord appeared to him in a dream” he was told the child was God’s and His name was Jesus, and he believed.

Each one of these people thru faith believed, trusted and obeyed. As in 2Corinthians 12: 8, “My grace is sufficient for you” tells us We have been supplied with all that is necessary, we just need to listen and then obey.

Just a Thought

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