I sit here, searching, trying to put into words the images and impressions given to me by The Lord. Worry, this seems to be His focus. We spend so much time worrying, we worry about everything. What’s for lunch, what am I going to do after work? Will I be able to meet my obligations? Will my kids grow up okay or will they just grow up? We love, then we worry am I loving enough or loving too much or being loved at all. After all we are so unlovable. ” Do not worry” I think Luke 12:26 sums it up well “If you are unable to do even a littlest things, why worry about the rest”. We are unable to do anything outside the will of our Lord and yet we try. We spend endless hours doing for God what He wants to do for us. But we are told trying to accomplish what only God can accomplish, results in worry, worry creates anxiety and we were not created to be anxious. ” Do not be anxious” Phil 4:6, These two verses tie together worry and anxiety, neither of which the Lord wants in our lives. He is so aware of the damage that is done to us, that He chooses to save us and make those His tasks. So heed Him, “do not worry,” “be not anxious”. Live free in Him.

Just a thought

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