My constant companion

Ever at my side

Whispering in my ear

A daily word of warning

Filled with feelings of fear

This liar ever present

Wanting my soul in fire

My eternity filled with misery

To his eternal delight

Each thought I have

Whether thoughts of light

or thoughts of darkness

He twists to my destruction

Ever fulfilling his cause

Knowing evil will win

Even his deception complete

The soldier clothed in purple

Comes seeking me for himself

Do battle, do battle my friend

I’m here to set you free

The voice not in my ear

Seems to tug at my heart

Speaking, deep inside

I have a new companion now

One ever-present

Speaking to my heart

Continual affirmation

Strengthening my soul, my resolve

Silencing the voice in my ear

Filling him with misery

And me with eternal delight

Just a Thought

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