There are those who choose to believe that God, is an unnecessary invention of man. We, are just like the rest of the animals on this planet. Born, live, die, no real meaning or reason. Simply out of a random chemical action we came to be, just a little more evolved than the rest of the animals.

Man seeks to manifest his value thru his own interpretation of what value is. Dependent only upon the thoughts of man. The “who” of who we are, relies only on who we believe we are. No thought, no need, no possibility of a God. After all a God just gets in the way, the rules, the obedience and what do I get? A reality surrounded by my needs, my wants only what is beneficial to me? No with a God it’s not about me, I can no longer command a self centered world all about me. If God is real all the rules change, the world answers to something or someone greater than itself. We are no longer good as we deem ourselves. We want to believe we are good and good is merely a comparative word therefore suggesting our worth as compared to others. There is a worth to achieve, a possibility that we can be better than one another, therefore good. But with a God “good” is not a description of man, only a term fit for God. Again taking from man what man wants for himself.

So, if there is a God, the whole universe and all that exist are dependent upon Him for the next breath. But if no God we are were we think we want to be, independent.

Just a Thought

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