Glorifying evil, is that what the world has come to? Consumed by a need to place our desires above everyone else’s? Above “God”? No room in our opinions for another’s view. We have leaders who curse other leaders. Hollywood stars in a make believe industry raising up their sinful activities and the sinfulness of others, telling the world that this is perfectly acceptable. Influential individuals promoting an agenda contrary to the teachings of Christ and justifying it as “ in the best interest of man”. A world over run with evil, an active battle field, filled with warriors in constant combat, dropping one after another. “Put on the full armor of God” , we fight this battle with little or no preparation and we fight in our own strength. Our warrior advances in futility, doesn’t stand a chance against the enemy at hand. So eloquently explained by Paul “ not in my strength, in the mercy and grace of Christ, in His strength I live” being prepared in this battle means living in the spirit, the battle fought in the spirit, not fought by me but the spirit in me doing battle. We believe that surrender to a supernatural God we cannot see or touch, lessens who we are. What we miss is the daily touch of the Father, the overwhelming evidence of Himself He left for us to see. “If The Lord is for us, who can be against us?” So much in that, literally for us, doing battle for us and all the while maintaining our secured win.

Just a Thought

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