Seeing sin, is it possible to really see sin? Do we really want to see what it actually looks like? What effect would this have on our life?

When Peter rebuked Jesus, “Get thee behind me Satan”, the words used by our Savior. Matt 16:23, Mark 8:33, speaking to Peter in response to his view of the events to come. Christ explaining that he was focused on the way and thoughts of man and these were the ways and thoughts of the enemy. When the correct focus should be on the ways and thoughts of God. The perfect purity of His plan.

What can we learn about how we view sin? Do we see it from the eyes of man? Are we letting Satan veil the true picture of the destructiveness of sin? Do we accept the veil placed upon our eyes, clouding what we see? What would happen to us if we were able to see sin thru the eyes of God? Would we realize the depravity, the reason for “death”? Yes we are no longer slaves to sin, we are slaves to righteousness. But we still sin, driven by the “flesh”, allowing sin to take control of our lives.

When we clear the veil, look directly at the sin, we begin to see the sin in the light, the true ugliness, depravity and pain that results.

Just a Thought

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