Sin, should we remember our sin? Is it important to know our sin? How much of a roll does sin play in our lives? Questions on sin, “He’s got you covered” so why is there such a focus on sin?

“Sin”, separates us from God, God is still there, still loving us, still caring for us, still wanting us! But sin moves us away from Him. We choose to “stiff arm Him” from our life. An intentional desire it keep God at arms length. Believing we can “go it alone”. Convinced we can hide from Him. Gen 3:8, Adam and Eve hid themselves from The Lord. Seems a little ridiculous to think hiding is possible but we do it anyway! And, it’s okay right?

Gen 3:9, The Lord beckons to Adam “Where are you?”, knowing full well where Adam is and why. But, did Adam?

Do we every consider sin from Gods point of view??

Just a Thought

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