Just how do we view sin? Is it an everyday occurrence in our life so “just get used to it” becomes our motto? Is it a part of our life that we consider forgiven completely so “why worry”? Yes, we are forgiven for all our sins, past and future. Yes as a believer our eternity is secure. So why all the concern about sin? Sin leads to death! “ the wages of sin is death” Romans 6:22. Death? Wasn’t that conquered by Christ? Yes, sin was conquered by the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. So then what is this death? Is it the slow painful separation we experience when we sin, a wall we put between God and ourselves? So do we tear down the wall and cease our sinning? Good luck with that, “The heart of man is evil continuously” Gen 6:5. So we can’t control our sin! Only He who is sin free can free us. Which, He has done already. So once again, why all the interest in sin?

Just a Thought

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