That first step, not knowing when we put our foot down if there will be something on which to step. Sometimes we are so unsure we don’t take that step. Our fear, our lack of trust stop us. Small steps, large steps, let alone that “leap of faith.” Each and every step for the believer is taken in faith, trusting for that safe landing. The apostle Paul, confronted by Christ on the Damascus road, Act 9:3-8, needs trust to continue blind, where did that trust come from? Did he know his servants well enough? Could he have been that sure? Maybe, but really when Christ intervened, His voice was heard, not just by Saul but by his servants as well. In their hands he went on to Damascus. Saul at that moment had no choice but to trust, and in that helplessness our Father met Him and proved the trustworthiness of Himself. This God who chooses to prove Himself for all to see and yet; are we looking? Do we really want to see? Proof of Him is all around us, we see Him in all that is around us. He never ever lets us down, trusting Him is the way we show our love for Him. So we know beyond a doubt that sometimes soft and other times bumpy but, a safe landing none the less.

Just a thought

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