There is such a call today to be obedient to the word. We have this concept that we can “obey the law” and live a great life. Then the disappointment of reality hits us and we realize just how helpless we are. We cannot just “gut” it out and be that perfect child of God. We sin, we repent, we sin. This circle of repentance and sin, much like a carousel, round and round we go. Caught up in the enemies game. Not considering his goal is simply our destruction. We can get off! We can jump off and hit the ground running.

The gospel of Christ is the ultimate expression of love. The focus of our savior was and is us, Matthew 9:5, Jesus asks which is easier to say “thy sins are forgiven or arise and walk” this power to heal the physical, the worlds view of need was the physical healing, Christ’s view of the need was sin healing. When we see the cross from the life of Christ, then and now, we realize the sin healing is complete. We are called to step into this healing, accept the healing, live in the healing and then, live healed.

Just a thought

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