There are those times when we feel as thou our lives have become such a mess and things that once seemed important can no longer be trusted, like people, money in the bank. God just might be at work redirecting you to what is really important. “ If Your trust is anywhere but in Him, He will systematically remove each one of those things in your life, until you are left with Him only, this jealous God of ours”. An incredible quote, a jealous, absolutely trustworthy God.

Trust is something we give to easily, we should be very selective to the point of being protective of the trust we extend and in who or what we trust. Trust when misplace, can and often does place us in a position where we no longer question the trustee. We begin to unwittingly rely upon the unreliable.

Over and over this jealous God proves to us the perfection of His word, never wavering, never ever failing. 2 Corinthians 1:8-10, they trusted in God, not themselves and He brought them from death to life. He loving does the same for us; “from death to life”. Trust, it’s an eternal life we seek and He seeks for us.

Just a Thought

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