“When we give into lust, we see the world thru the eyes of lust, and there we dishonor God.” Lust is the word used to describe those things in our lives that cloud our view of God. I don’t know who made this profound statement, it’s simplicity could cause the reader to dismiss it, but the truth of it can give rise to a desire to please God rather dishonor Him.

When we think we are choosing to live in Faith, we want to believe it is our choice; faith , trust, belief, conjured up by us in our own ability, giving us a self created “contentment”. Again we go wrong to think we can do this on our own.

Hopefully there is a desperation that sets in coming from the helplessness of man and the strength of God, filling us with the need approach the Throne, the haze of our lust begins to clear, we begin to see thru the clarity of Christ’s eyes. Looking to the Lord, giving Him credit for our faith, trust and belief. We begin to realize that these thru Him become real, so very real we can see them, taste them and feel them. No longer the fuzzy perception of Me.

Just a thought

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