As Paul says so well in Romans 7:15 “ that which I hate, I do” . Could it be possible that Paul is saying, if our love for God is greater than our love of the flesh, we are able thru God’s love, to conquer the flesh? Too simple, conquering the flesh must be more difficult than that, there has to be some grand formula that we just haven’t discovered yet. Loving God and surrendering to Him, letting Him develop in us a deep desire for His healing, filling us with a love that overcomes the pull of the flesh.

The problem is, we don’t believe He can, our disbelief leads to failure upon failure, the continuous “ saying yes “ to sin, this doesn’t imply that saying “no” is by any means easy. Without The Lord, saying no is just about impossible, with Him, difficult at best. I think Paul was choosing God’s help and sharing with us the difficulty of the flesh in life. The extreme challenges the enemy uses to redirect our thoughts, entice us, offer us what we think is the ultimate reward, keeping our minds off of God. Just think, our mind may be off of Him but His mind is never off of us, He is right there, along side of us……..

Just a thought

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