Answering the call of sin; Each day, minute by minute, we are confronted with sin or Christ. When sin becomes an on going part of our life and we find ourselves unable to find God, we can continue to drift aimlessly or choose to seek God. In Lamentations we are introduced to the results of choosing sin. Lamentations 1:14 expresses how our transgressions compound and bondage overtakes us. All allowed by God, He is busy steering us thru suffering back to Him. We will so often continue in sin, not considering the consequences or loss we suffer, or the separation from Him that follows. The regret and deep mourning thru lament begins to create that soulful heartfelt repentance for our choices. We can then surrender and respond to the outstretched hand of Christ, step out of the swamp of sin and into the healing arms of Christ.

Just a thought

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