Imagine your life as a big ship, an ocean liner and you have the steering wheel. That makes you “ in control” you can steer your ship where ever you want to go. Remember you’re in control. You direct it all, where you go and how you get there. The only problem with this is you don’t recognize where all the mis steps are or when you make a wrong turn, the reefs or the shallow water can ground you and you may not even know it. when the fog rolls in you can’t see thru it, when it rains your view is shrouded in a mist that distorts what you see. Life without leadership is just like steering the ship without a captain. In this case the captain represents Christ, the captain knows where all the obstacles are, uses radar in bad weather and directs the pilot safely during the voyage. Christ in our lives knows exactly what is best for us “ He leads me beside still waters” 23rd Psalm. We get to steer the ship, we are in control, we just now have a guide who has our success in mind.

So, either way we are in control, doing it our way, with consequences that are often destructive. Or, we can rely on this guide that knows all the pit falls and still lets us steer the boat.

Just a thought

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