The value of God’s love for us, can it me measured? All thru the Bible we are show the love of God. Verses like John 3:16, the one we all know. From the love Christ extend to the Samaritan woman at the well to His love for the Jewish slaves in Egypt. God has continuously expressed the love He has for His creation. He loves us with all He is, regardless of our returning that love. When our children look up into our eyes and say “ I️ love you “ we respond with an “I️ love you”. So why when The Lord says that to us and shows us, leaving wonders for us to behold. Why do we not honor His love by not just saying but doing those things that say, “ I️ LOVE YOU TOO”. This small verbal gesture when spoken time and time again, begins to feel real. Then the miracles begin. “I️ LOVE YOU TOO” let the miracles begin.

Just a thought

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