God hates sin because Sin robs us of Gods best for us. Good place to read is Joshua 7:1-12, who occupied the heart of Achan? World or God. The Lord said that all the treasures of the city were His. They were to be placed into His treasury. But Achan hid from God some of that treasure. Our heart is God’s treasure, we spend so much time and energy hiding that treasure that is His, “we die”.

Sin against God, the cost; not just the sinners life but all that were his. A God that is jealous of our desires, knows that the sin within destroys us, one part at a time, never releasing its control, ever tightening it grip, like shaking hands with someone who continues to tighten their grip, increasing the pressure until our hand gives in and begins to crush, the out come, a useless hand no longer able to do the tasks it was designed for. Satan, steering us and comforting us with the thought that we can continue with abandon and it’s OKAY!

It’s not, sin leads to death, not the death that puts us with our Lord and Savior. A death that separates us in our heart daily from the incredible relationship we desire. Crushing our heart, squeezing the life from us.

Just a thought

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