The heart of man, is it just a muscle, is its sole purpose to pump blood? Without it, we cease living, this life giving fluid keeping us alive! If our physical heart and blood are healthy we in turn are. When either our heart or our blood are not healthy we suffer. As I read thru Psalms and the Proverbs the healthy heart “ Spirit filled” and the unhealthy heart “ evil” are constantly referred to. Psalm 28:3 “while evil is in their hearts”. They speak one thing and do another, coming from “their hearts”. Do we speak one thing to those around us and in our hearts say something else? Do we guard our hearts against evil by filling them with The Lord. Psalms 28:7, “in Him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults”. So much about the heart, Proverbs 2:10, “for wisdom will come into your heart and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul”. As we release our hearts to God, this infilling transforms us into His people who want His precepts for our lives. We begin to acquire a hunger for Him. This hunger in our heart for all He has for us, again an ever filling vessel that when filled, can be filled more, never running out of room for Him. 
Just a thought

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