Psalm 19:7-11Perfect, reviving, sure, rejoicing, pure, enlightening, enduring, righteous, these are a few of the key words in this part of Psalm 19. These words describe the Word, He is perfect so what He’s says is perfect. The Word revives us, brings new life to us. Sure, the word is absolute, true. When filled with the Word we rejoice, full and joyful. “I am the Light, of the world”. John 9:5, pure, perfect and holy. The word will enlighten you, fill you with a new knowledge from the Lord. The word never, ever changes, it endures the ages and the non believers. It stands on its own, by it’s own, never to fail. The Word brings righteousness to all those whom are His. All of our senses are involved in the Word. The precepts “rules” of God make our heart rejoice. Makes our heart celebrate, we can get caught up in this celebration, participate with all of ourselves, falling in love anew. 
Just a thought

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