“Those who walk with God run to help with the needs of others”.Poh Fang Chia.The simplicity of this, walk with God, if my focus is on God might it be that I will see what God sees, the needs of those around me. When running to help those in need I again focus on God, continue to see what He sees. Begin to look for the needs in God’s children and seek to follow His every desire in the lives of others. 

Just think, if I am focused on what God sees, then I am not focused on what I see. My heart in turn is directed towards the heart of God and not on the heart of the world. That simple, let God in and the world flees, if only we believed this truth, we always want it to be a difficult solution when, in reality it is just my focus.

Remember, Jesus presented a simple example, He placed the needs of others above His own. What a unique God that seeks the heart of His creation and places our need above all else,”His life for our eternity”, seeing the needs of others above our own is humbly letting our God work thru us, in us and for us.

Changing our heart, cleansing us in His perfect love.
Just a thought

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