As you travel east on I84 there is a state park just west of Hood River Oregon called Starvation Creek. This park resonates with me, there is a calm beauty that truly does not reflect its name. History tells us a snow storm stalled two trains there and supplies had to be brought in by skis from Hood River to keep the passengers from starving. How often does our train stall, we get stranded and don’t even know it? Supplies are sent and we look to those who brought them with a “what is that for” attitude. So often our hearts become so full of today that seeing the sunrise is blocked by the cloudless sky. Day and night blend together into one continuous fog. We need the light to see we are stalled and in desperate need, but again the cloudless sky hides the light. Faith, this begins the clearing of our heart, faith, requires we believe He is there when we can’t see Him thru our fog. Suddenly, thru faith, the cloudless sky clears! Hebrews 11, the record of faith, the results of faith, the love of faith, faith, powerful force from and thru Christ, “the founder and perfect or of our faith” Hebrews 12:2.
Just a Thought

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