Proverbs 16:5 “ Everyone who is arrogant in heart is an abomination to the Lord, be assured, he will not go unpunished “. The Arrogance of mans heart, so full of man that there is no room for God or anyone other than self. Man continues to absorb the world believing he is in sole control and therefore all credit is his also. King Herod had the “ Words of The Lord “ on His lips and yet took credit for those words in his heart. Acts 12:23 “and immediately the angel of the Lord smote Him, because he didn’t give God the glory”. Giving God the glory, comes from our heart, the heart hardened to the Lord can’t, nor desires to Glorify God, yet a heart turned to the Lord, nurtured by the Lord, seeks to glorify Him who should be glorified. Giving God the glory comes from a humble heart, a heart that feels the depth of the love of the Lord in our lives.Can we even begin to understand the meaning of “abomination” before the Lord, this appears to be the worst of the worst, one inciting a response from the Lord that is total and sometimes final, apparently it is used when there is a tremendous breach in the connection between our heart and His. An abomination is to our Lord, a heart so self centered that there is no room for Him, this arrogance denies His existence, credits self for all and expresses life from, evil. Proverbs 16:9 “the heart of a man plans his way, but The Lord establishes his steps”. Our heart seeks its own path, when the only true path for our life is the one designed for us by Him. Yet even knowing this we continue the practice of seeking our own way. Pharaoh, Herod, Moses, Abraham and even King David, these great men sought their own way and history records the punishments, in the case of Moses, no promised land, Moses took responsibility in his heart and stands with God today. Pharaoh in turn was hard to the end and his eternity is, well not one I would even venture to describe.
Just a thought

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