Aren’t we sometimes guilty of casting a shadow over Christianity, unintentionally sharing the faith, out of ” dark knowledge ” Job 38:2, God speaking to Job. How we look at God thru a veil and accept it as normal. Seeing only with our eyes, not with the truth that is in us. Not seeking to know Him, giving up the unseen Glory of a deep intimate connection that only He can form. We want to lay out the conditions and then expect God to comply. He does with a sad heart, allowing our conditions to form the groundwork of our relationship. But He never stops seeking our change of heart. Our need to change how we choose to be in His presence. I can only imagine the relationship Job acquired with God after he said “I have always heard you with my ears but now I see you with my eyes”. Job 42:5. The more my heart is affected by the presence of our Lord, the more it breaks and yearns for more of His never ending self. I know I can never have all there is of Him but the more I get the more I want and the cycle is endless, the more I want the more I get……

We so easily give into the shadow, not realizing the the enemy (Satan) is responsible and we simply accept it. “Put on the whole armor of God”. Eph 6:11 This awakens us to the wiles of the enemy and the protection of our God.
Just a thought 

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