Surrender, an idea that is so distasteful to man. Only cowards surrender, cowards sit and let others fight the battle for them. We have a hero, a humble man who fought the ultimate battle for us, and won. The ultimate adversary defeated, defeated totally and yet we still give into The adversaries wiles.Learning to hear, hear and then listen to His voice, allowing ourselves to be, in the beginning, influenced by His voice. Responding to His urging, allowing ourselves to step out in faith and participate in His work. 

In Jeremiah 31:31-34 The Lord reveals the coming of the new covenant ” I will put the law, the Spirit on their minds and write it on their hearts”, does the intent of this coming 

covenant need to be more obvious? We have all we need “Him in our mind and on our heart” the Spirit of God in us. The truth on our heart, no need to look for what is already there, no need to seek a presence that is not before us but in us. See God the way He meant us to see Him, not some invention of our own. Him revealing Himself in us and our only need, to listen. Allowing Him to filter the world thru His truth.

Just a thought

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