Luke 6:48-49. The FoundationThis parable so clearly defines my life, as much of a believer I thought I was, God knew otherwise. Each time I chose to build He took down my buildings, I rebuilt and He razed them again and again. Not until I sat in the open field bereft of direction, down cast in who I was, did He enter and make me keenly aware of the words He spoke to Job, ” Who is it who darkens counsel with words without knowledge “? Job 38:2. My life, my walk were the result of my own short cuts, I believed I had a relationship with Him. What I didn’t have was a relationship filled with awe, wonder and a deep desire to know Him. A journey that never ends, filled with new and exciting understandings of His plans for me. Now that we, “He and I ” are digging this foundation and selecting the perfect stones, that rush to the finish has been replaced by a contentment in the now. There is an expectation of; What’s next? Where are we going now? I pray, He answers, teaching me that not always are the answers what I was looking for, but they are the perfect answer. Developing in me a trust, from Him, for Him. A confidence in His role in my life. We move forward together, the foundation to be strong, each brick of His choosing, the storms unable to destroy. 
Just a thought

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