Whose winning? I once had a bumper sticker that said ” I know the future, God wins”. 

Why fight the battle when ultimately, God wins. 

Mankind fights battles all the time, wars where he can see the enemy or knows their ideology. We fight for freedom, we fight for others, we fight for our country and do all of these willingly. We are told there is a battle to fight right before us, we have all the tools to win and we don’t even show up.Ephesians 6:12 “We wrestle not against the flesh but against the powers, principalities of darkness” this battle rages on day after day. We must show up, we must put on the cloak that Jesus gave His life to provide. This battle rages each day, darkness demanding a foot hold and we the warriors for Christ and he is the bulwark that never fails. So let’s don the armor and enter the battle, head held high and sword at the ready.
Just a thought

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