Forgiveness and prayer, Mark 11:25, unforgiveness gets in between me and God. So often we pray without regard to the relationships around us. Arguments with family, that co worker who isn’t carrying their load or even that rude driver who deserves our wrath. Yet we are told to ” put away wrath” Eph. 4:31,

Still we choose to stay embittered by the things of this world that we allow them to control our very circumstances. Maybe when Christ said ” become like children” Matt 18:3-4. The innocence of letting these things go thru forgiveness, humbly seeking the love of a parent “God” thru the the life of Christ. 

Then again we do think ” I’ll let go if they will” , all that does is give authority in our life to the very person we are to forgive not the one whose grace and forgiveness we seek. As I struggle with these things personally, I have found God’s increased involvement in my life, His spirit leading my to surrender daily to His will, an ever increasing level of joy entering my life and Him filling the voids I once believed unfillable. 
Just a thought

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