“The Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness”, Romans 8;26. Our weakness can overwhelm us, i spent a good part of Sunday following the coverage of hurricane Irma. I have friends and family in Miami and other parts of Florida. I noticed a trend during the reporting, from the Governor of Florida to the field reporters, they were asking for prayer, not for themselves but for the people affected by the storm. Somehow, the tone, the way it was expressed had an authentic plea, a request from someone who knew our God would respond. Prayer, the idea coming from all directions, a resurgence of an ancient idea presented to us by our creator. God speaking to us; “pray for my children, your brothers and sisters, pray for them all”. So, Sunday I had a unique and wonderful opportunity to respond to His request. I focused on someone else’s need rather than my own circumstances and acquired a peace, a peace that reduced my stress over my own.



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