Pain in The Heart

Ever experience that ache, the one that tightens your throat and brings tears to your eyes?? Not the physical ache, the emotional ache. The one that is triggered by an event, a thought or maybe a song. Could we consider that maybe this is The Lord in your heart, touching us in a way only He can? His tears in our eyes, His emotions surrounding us, Him kindling a fire, or a spark in us.

We are told that His heart can be grieved, so in turn can it also be elated. We know that when the Angel of the Lord told the shepherds of Christ’s birth, the heavenly host sang. I choose to believe this is a direct reflection of God’s heart. His pleasure thru us, the spirit of the Lord in us shining.

Just a Thought


“In order to fully appreciate what we have, We need to fully understand what it’s like for those who don’t have.”

Blessings, realizing what we have can be difficult when we look at life thru a lens that says “never enough” what we have been given is “never enough”. If we truly look at those who have little, so little and yet, they keep moving forward, they are grateful for their little. We can then form an appreciation for our much.

Just a Thought


That shadow cast over our belief; placing an unseen barrier between us and His word, we listen to the scholar, we take that as the truth and move on forgetting that the only one whose word we do not need to question is God. He wrote a book with 66 love letters to us answering all of life’s questions, ( the life He created). We open “His Word” and He speaks endlessly of His love for us and the lengths He will go to show us that love. He is sharing the lives of His people with us. The ups and the downs, to show us that regardless of all of our faults, all of our wrong choices, there is nothing that changes that love for us. Knowing that we are the objects of His love must bring a sense clarity to our perception of Him. Forget the scholar, go directly to the author and ask Him.

Just a Thought


We are called to fellowship; to meet in fellowship, to be in fellowship. Webster’s defines “fellowship” as a company of equals or friends, a community of like interest. 1John 1:7, “but if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His son cleanses us from our sins”. Believers in fellowship, Christ in their midst, sins relieved. Yes relieved, sins are a burden to bear and Christ removes the burden. 1John 1:3, connects us, connects us to Christ, connects us to Him!!! Are you in fellowship? Seek like minded believers for fellowship and watch what He brings your way.

Just a Thought

Who am I

Me, who do I say I am? Where do I receive the information about who I am? Is it my self talk? During the self talk am I telling me great things about myself or am I condemning my every thought? Do I seek the input from others? Do they build me up or do they point out my every flaw? Are strangers my source? Do I listen to the opinion of someone who doesn’t even know me? Sometimes I am so caught up in this world I forget where my identity comes from.

John 3:15-16, Luke 12:17, Revelation 1:5, these few verses express who The Creator says I am and how He feels about me. When I spend time in His love letters to me, I begin to realize who I am and who I am being crafted to be.

Just a Thought


For the believer, the reward for continual sin is a life of insecurity and doubt. Never quite sure of the promises of God. Giving success to the enemy.

The outline for a rewarding life is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The simplicity of living a life centered around Christ, outlined in every line, every thought, every idea and every feeling we receive.

Just a Thought

A Price

1 Corinthians 6 : 20 “you are bought with a price, therefor glorify God in your body and in your spirit which, are God’s.” Our body and our spirit are His??? We are but tenants in a house that belongs to Him?? Yes, He paid the price for the evil in our hearts, made all the arrangements for our eternity and renewed or, made new our heart and spirit. With all of that why not be His. Thru His gift of grace, we are given this “pure heart”, but we disregard not only the gift but the purity that accompanies it. We continue to operate from the old heart, the one that was replaced with the “ new heart of flesh” Ezekiel 36:26. This “gift” left unappreciated can, become stale and for the most part forgotten. We get blinded by the offerings of the enemy, these empty, destructive lies we are led to participate in. They only continue to perpetuate an internal misery that we get so accustomed to, it becomes our norm.

Just a Thought

That Step

That first step, not knowing when we put our foot down if there will be something on which to step. Sometimes we are so unsure we don’t take that step. Our fear, our lack of trust stop us. Small steps, large steps, let alone that “leap of faith.” Each and every step for the believer is taken in faith, trusting for that safe landing. The apostle Paul, confronted by Christ on the Damascus road, Act 9:3-8, needs trust to continue blind, where did that trust come from? Did he know his servants well enough? Could he have been that sure? Maybe, but really when Christ intervened, His voice was heard, not just by Saul but by his servants as well. In their hands he went on to Damascus. Saul at that moment had no choice but to trust, and in that helplessness our Father met Him and proved the trustworthiness of Himself. This God who chooses to prove Himself for all to see and yet; are we looking? Do we really want to see? Proof of Him is all around us, we see Him in all that is around us. He never ever lets us down, trusting Him is the way we show our love for Him. So we know beyond a doubt that sometimes soft and other times bumpy but, a safe landing none the less.

Just a thought


There is such a call today to be obedient to the word. We have this concept that we can “obey the law” and live a great life. Then the disappointment of reality hits us and we realize just how helpless we are. We cannot just “gut” it out and be that perfect child of God. We sin, we repent, we sin. This circle of repentance and sin, much like a carousel, round and round we go. Caught up in the enemies game. Not considering his goal is simply our destruction. We can get off! We can jump off and hit the ground running.

The gospel of Christ is the ultimate expression of love. The focus of our savior was and is us, Matthew 9:5, Jesus asks which is easier to say “thy sins are forgiven or arise and walk” this power to heal the physical, the worlds view of need was the physical healing, Christ’s view of the need was sin healing. When we see the cross from the life of Christ, then and now, we realize the sin healing is complete. We are called to step into this healing, accept the healing, live in the healing and then, live healed.

Just a thought


There are those times when we feel as thou our lives have become such a mess and things that once seemed important can no longer be trusted, like people, money in the bank. God just might be at work redirecting you to what is really important. “ If Your trust is anywhere but in Him, He will systematically remove each one of those things in your life, until you are left with Him only, this jealous God of ours”. An incredible quote, a jealous, absolutely trustworthy God.

Trust is something we give to easily, we should be very selective to the point of being protective of the trust we extend and in who or what we trust. Trust when misplace, can and often does place us in a position where we no longer question the trustee. We begin to unwittingly rely upon the unreliable.

Over and over this jealous God proves to us the perfection of His word, never wavering, never ever failing. 2 Corinthians 1:8-10, they trusted in God, not themselves and He brought them from death to life. He loving does the same for us; “from death to life”. Trust, it’s an eternal life we seek and He seeks for us.

Just a Thought