For the believer, the reward for continual sin is a life of insecurity and doubt. Never quite sure of the promises of God. Giving success to the enemy.

The outline for a rewarding life is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The simplicity of living a life centered around Christ, outlined in every line, every thought, every idea and every feeling we receive.

Just a Thought

A Price

1 Corinthians 6 : 20 “you are bought with a price, therefor glorify God in your body and in your spirit which, are God’s.” Our body and our spirit are His??? We are but tenants in a house that belongs to Him?? Yes, He paid the price for the evil in our hearts, made all the arrangements for our eternity and renewed or, made new our heart and spirit. With all of that why not be His. Thru His gift of grace, we are given this “pure heart”, but we disregard not only the gift but the purity that accompanies it. We continue to operate from the old heart, the one that was replaced with the “ new heart of flesh” Ezekiel 36:26. This “gift” left unappreciated can, become stale and for the most part forgotten. We get blinded by the offerings of the enemy, these empty, destructive lies we are led to participate in. They only continue to perpetuate an internal misery that we get so accustomed to, it becomes our norm.

Just a Thought

That Step

That first step, not knowing when we put our foot down if there will be something on which to step. Sometimes we are so unsure we don’t take that step. Our fear, our lack of trust stop us. Small steps, large steps, let alone that “leap of faith.” Each and every step for the believer is taken in faith, trusting for that safe landing. The apostle Paul, confronted by Christ on the Damascus road, Act 9:3-8, needs trust to continue blind, where did that trust come from? Did he know his servants well enough? Could he have been that sure? Maybe, but really when Christ intervened, His voice was heard, not just by Saul but by his servants as well. In their hands he went on to Damascus. Saul at that moment had no choice but to trust, and in that helplessness our Father met Him and proved the trustworthiness of Himself. This God who chooses to prove Himself for all to see and yet; are we looking? Do we really want to see? Proof of Him is all around us, we see Him in all that is around us. He never ever lets us down, trusting Him is the way we show our love for Him. So we know beyond a doubt that sometimes soft and other times bumpy but, a safe landing none the less.

Just a thought


There is such a call today to be obedient to the word. We have this concept that we can “obey the law” and live a great life. Then the disappointment of reality hits us and we realize just how helpless we are. We cannot just “gut” it out and be that perfect child of God. We sin, we repent, we sin. This circle of repentance and sin, much like a carousel, round and round we go. Caught up in the enemies game. Not considering his goal is simply our destruction. We can get off! We can jump off and hit the ground running.

The gospel of Christ is the ultimate expression of love. The focus of our savior was and is us, Matthew 9:5, Jesus asks which is easier to say “thy sins are forgiven or arise and walk” this power to heal the physical, the worlds view of need was the physical healing, Christ’s view of the need was sin healing. When we see the cross from the life of Christ, then and now, we realize the sin healing is complete. We are called to step into this healing, accept the healing, live in the healing and then, live healed.

Just a thought


There are those times when we feel as thou our lives have become such a mess and things that once seemed important can no longer be trusted, like people, money in the bank. God just might be at work redirecting you to what is really important. “ If Your trust is anywhere but in Him, He will systematically remove each one of those things in your life, until you are left with Him only, this jealous God of ours”. An incredible quote, a jealous, absolutely trustworthy God.

Trust is something we give to easily, we should be very selective to the point of being protective of the trust we extend and in who or what we trust. Trust when misplace, can and often does place us in a position where we no longer question the trustee. We begin to unwittingly rely upon the unreliable.

Over and over this jealous God proves to us the perfection of His word, never wavering, never ever failing. 2 Corinthians 1:8-10, they trusted in God, not themselves and He brought them from death to life. He loving does the same for us; “from death to life”. Trust, it’s an eternal life we seek and He seeks for us.

Just a Thought

Ruling of Lust

“When we give into lust, we see the world thru the eyes of lust, and there we dishonor God.” Lust is the word used to describe those things in our lives that cloud our view of God. I don’t know who made this profound statement, it’s simplicity could cause the reader to dismiss it, but the truth of it can give rise to a desire to please God rather dishonor Him.

When we think we are choosing to live in Faith, we want to believe it is our choice; faith , trust, belief, conjured up by us in our own ability, giving us a self created “contentment”. Again we go wrong to think we can do this on our own.

Hopefully there is a desperation that sets in coming from the helplessness of man and the strength of God, filling us with the need approach the Throne, the haze of our lust begins to clear, we begin to see thru the clarity of Christ’s eyes. Looking to the Lord, giving Him credit for our faith, trust and belief. We begin to realize that these thru Him become real, so very real we can see them, taste them and feel them. No longer the fuzzy perception of Me.

Just a thought

The Flesh ?

As Paul says so well in Romans 7:15 “ that which I hate, I do” . Could it be possible that Paul is saying, if our love for God is greater than our love of the flesh, we are able thru God’s love, to conquer the flesh? Too simple, conquering the flesh must be more difficult than that, there has to be some grand formula that we just haven’t discovered yet. Loving God and surrendering to Him, letting Him develop in us a deep desire for His healing, filling us with a love that overcomes the pull of the flesh.

The problem is, we don’t believe He can, our disbelief leads to failure upon failure, the continuous “ saying yes “ to sin, this doesn’t imply that saying “no” is by any means easy. Without The Lord, saying no is just about impossible, with Him, difficult at best. I think Paul was choosing God’s help and sharing with us the difficulty of the flesh in life. The extreme challenges the enemy uses to redirect our thoughts, entice us, offer us what we think is the ultimate reward, keeping our minds off of God. Just think, our mind may be off of Him but His mind is never off of us, He is right there, along side of us……..

Just a thought

The call

Answering the call of sin; Each day, minute by minute, we are confronted with sin or Christ. When sin becomes an on going part of our life and we find ourselves unable to find God, we can continue to drift aimlessly or choose to seek God. In Lamentations we are introduced to the results of choosing sin. Lamentations 1:14 expresses how our transgressions compound and bondage overtakes us. All allowed by God, He is busy steering us thru suffering back to Him. We will so often continue in sin, not considering the consequences or loss we suffer, or the separation from Him that follows. The regret and deep mourning thru lament begins to create that soulful heartfelt repentance for our choices. We can then surrender and respond to the outstretched hand of Christ, step out of the swamp of sin and into the healing arms of Christ.

Just a thought


The question:

What does prayer do ?

It requests, attention


It acknowledges: Who He is

Who we are

Our need

Our desire

It recognizes: His delight

His presence

His sovereignty

His discipline

It accepts: His love

His recognition

His discipline

His direction

It always: Connects you with Him

Eases anxiety

Relieves anger

Expresses love

They are Answered

Surrender: Mark 14:36 , Matthew 26: 39,42,53

Just a thought


“Pray without ceasing”, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, if taken literally it tends to interfere with life. If all I do is pray, how much time is left for work, recreation or sleep?

Thing is, it is meant literally, pray, pray and pray some more. Pray when you wake up, on the way to work, while working, at lunch. Pray all afternoon, at dinner and in the evening. At bedtime and in your dreams.

Verse 18 goes on to say “give thanks in ALL circumstances, this is the will of God”. So ALL circumstances, the good, the everyday, your need, your want, everything. Pray for everything all the time. Verse 22, “Abstain from every kind of evil”, prayer deflects our thoughts, places God in the forefront. As simple as this seems a conversation with God all day long, starting and stopping thru out our day turns us from evil to Christ. Mark 14 :38, we are told to pray so that “we won’t enter into temptation”, hard to mess up while having a conversation with the Creator. Prayer, a posture created by Him to protect us from evil, calling on Him to take the lead in our thoughts, feelings and desires. As we begin to talk with Him constantly, seeking direction, confirmation and companionship He responds as only a loving Lord can.

Just a thought